marketing automation made easy

marketing automation made easy

Mobile Insights Dashboard, Smart Push Notifications,
Mobile Marketing Automation

top 1 mobile marketing automation

Super Easy Integration



empowers every mobile app with next-gen marketing automation engine

Understand and Engage Mobile Users Using HOLLER!’s Mobile Marketing Automation Platform

mobile marketing automation with ease

InsightS Dashboard

Real Time Analytics to truly understand your users

mobile marketing automation with ease

Smart Segment

Personalised target messages for your users at the right time

mobile marketing automation with ease

Marketing Automation

Automate Engagement Campaigns across your user’s lifecycle

Build Multi-Channel Messaging Campaigns Across Push Notifications, SMS, Email and In-App Messaging. In conclusion, everything is built in our Marketing Automation Platform

top 1 push notification engine

PUSH notifications

First of all, reactivate users outside of the app via mobile push notifications. Send traditional blasts to your full audience or automate targeted notifications

engage mobile audience via channels


Also, our SMS marketing service allows mobile apps to trigger text messages to users as an alternative channel to reach users without using the internet

engage mobile user anytime, any where they go


Futhermore send attachments, media and clickable links to your mobile app users and subscribers with mobile marketing automation and optimizing user targeting technology

engage mobile audience simpler, easier

In-app messaging

Finally engage users and communicate through an interactive user-interface. Send users messages directly within the app to disseminate important information

High Volume and Reliable Push Notification Delivery

Ease of Integration: Most of all, HOLLER! made marketing automation easy, offers developers and marketers a One Line of Code (OLOC) integration to enable push notification capability. Therefore all it takes is a few minutes to install our SDK to enable Push Notifications.

Reliable & Heavy Duty Platform: HOLLER! is built to handle millions of push notifications every second

Targeting Users Within Your Area

Targeting users based on location from marketing automation dashboard. When users enter or exit a location, HOLLER! will send messages directly to users backs with next-gen mobile marketing automation engine. By using geofencing technology, the application enables you to send notifications at the right time and the right place as a result.

Download our HOLLER! SDKs and start driving great mobile user engagement today

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