Our Products

HOLLER! is a suite of products to help you understand your mobile users and take mobile engagement with push notification to the next level

Insights Dashboard

Insights Dashboard helps make sense of your data. By tracking every user, you can deeply understand who they are and what their habits are. This information is used to personalise engagement via HOLLER!’s Mobile Marketing Automation features with Push Notification and channels

analytics & insight made easy with informative metrics to engage mobile audience by push notification

Charts & Data Analytics

Visualise and view your mobile user’s data

do engagement campaign faster, easier without sweat via push notification

Goal & Automation

Set target goals for push notifications & channels campaign

reduce churn and get user back to app again, nurture mobile audience with push notification


Retain your best customers

discover conversion drop-off points and restart push notification channel


Discover conversion drop-off points

identify acurrately where is your money to ask audience whipe out pocket and deliver useful informative push notification


Know exactly what value each user brings to you

understand mobile audience and follow every their movement and engage them via push notification

understand mobile audience and follow every their movement to stay in touch via push notification

Smart Segment

Leverage HOLLER!’s useful insights data and use it to drive mobile engagement across Push Notification & channels and user life-cycles. Via Smart Segment, you can nurture new users, reduce churn, and attract users back to your application.

observe mobile audience by every movement and thought backs with push notification engine

Smart Observer

Set automatically observed checkpoints

do analytic cohort with ease

User Group Based

Intelligent Tracking of user groups based on data

engage mobile audience by behaviour triggering without sweat

Smart Scheduling

Schedule Campaigns in an intelligent way and blast push notification by smart way

personalise content to fit individuals

Personalized Targeting

Find and personalize content within Push Notification and channels for every single mobile user

keep track and stay alert to every movement

Automation Achievement

Keep track of your push notification & channels campaign by setting goals

Mobile Marketing Automation

Our Mobile Marketing Automation is well supported by rich insights data and smart segment engagement capabilities. We reach users with personalised campaigns on the most helpful and relevant channels include: Push, Email, SMS and In-App Messaging. With our Mobile Marketing Automation, you can see the true impact of campaign return on the most important business goals, while simultaneously optimising the campaign over time to create the best user experience.

low-cost channel to nurture mobile audience with ease

Push Notification

Engage your users even while they are not currently using the app

professional, fast and standard channel


Send attachments, media, and clickable links to your users.

rapidly contact mobile audience

In-App Messaging

Send users messages directly within the app to communicate information

give personalised content with mobile user with classic timing


Send users a text to catch them up on what’s happening within your app

evaluate, judge how engagement campaign did

Impact Effectiveness

Optimise the impact of your app upon its’ users to re-engage with Push Notification and other channels effectively

re-engagement without sweat


Keep track of people who visit your site and display retargeting ads across Push Notification & channels



Platforms & Enterprise

HOLLER! uses pre-built connectors with other applications to leverage cross-marketing data to enable predictive in-depth analysis.

App Connect

Connect Apps already in use to HOLLER!

API Discovery

Programatic access and APIs


Access your data anywhere anytime

Machine Learning

Use AI to conduct predictive analysis

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